Release 74: Kafka ACL Management and JSON Schema Support

kPow v74 comes packed with features including full support for Kafka ACL Management, JSON Schema support, and a raft of UI and performance improvements.

Manage Kafka ACLs with kPow

kPow provides a rich user interface for Kafka ACL management with the ability to inspect, create, clone, and delete ACLs at a Principal, Host, Resource, or simple ACL level.

See our documentation for the minimum ACL permissions required by kPow.

Release Changelog:

  • Full Kafka ACL Management UI
  • Client UI / Server performance improvements. General UI improvements.
  • Bumped Kafka clients to 2.8.0 for improved streams/operational resiliency.
  • New Prometheus metrics:
    • schema_subject_version
    • acl_count
    • cluster_controller
    • broker_urp
    • connect_connector_state
    • connect_connector_task_state
    • registry_subject_version
  • Schema Registry: added support for Protobuf and JSON Schema.
  • Data Inspect: added JSON Schema Serde.
kPow ACL Management UI

Release #74 is available on Dockerhub and to download as a JAR file.

docker pull operatr/kpow:74