Keep it Simple

A single Docker Container or JAR file that runs with 1GB memory and 0.25 CPU for a small cluster. Manage multiple clusters with one install.

Keep it Easy

Unlimited users and one full feature set for all paid licenses. No catches, no restrictions, one great Kafka tool built by an experienced team.

Keep it Secure

SSO integrations and RBAC for Authorization, Data Policies for masking and redaction, an Audit Log for data governance, and all data stored in local topics.

“Easy to use and fast – 600,000 records filtered in a few seconds… We got to the bottom of something in a few hours that could have dragged on for _days_”

– Alex  Hilton, FX Engineering Lead, Airwallex

Explore Topics with kJQ

Search tens of thousands of messages a second with kPow’s unique, custom implementation of JQ-like queries for Kafka topics.

kJQ works with JSON or JSON-like data including Apache Avro®, Transit, EDN, and even Protobuf messages where you have configured a custom serdes.

Role Based Access Control for user management, Data Policies to mask sensitive data, an Audit Log for data governance, and the power to export query results and produce new messages make kPow the essential tool for your engineers.

“‘kPow makes it so easy. It’s your first port of call for production issues'”

– Euan Walker, CPO, Verrency

X-Ray Vision for Kafka

Use kPow’s intuitive Kafka UI to gain instant visibility of your Kafka brokers, topics, partitions, offsets, groups, members, assignments, streams, and more.

Get straight to the root-cause of production issues with live mode for real-time monitoring of your Kafka resources and kPow’s multidimensional view into your consumer group message lag and throughput.

Manage multiple clusters from a single installation with Kafka Connect and Schema Registry integration fully supported out of the box.

Enterprise Ready. No Catches, No Restrictions.

All data stored in local topics, perfect for air-gapped environments.

Kafka Dashboard UI

Role Based Access Control

Multi-Cluster Monitoring

Live Mode

Message Production

Kafka Connect Integration

Topic Search with KJQ

Prometheus Integration

SAML / Github / OKTA SSO

Custom Serdes Support

Schema Registry Integration

Data Masking and Redaction

Slack Integration

HTTPS out of the box

Kafka 1.0+ Compatible

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Simple pricing, one feature set, no user limits.

US $0.16 per cluster credit / hour or less (seriously).

Discover our pricing or contact [email protected] to tailor a kPow license to your exact needs.

kPow Pro

$960Paid Annually
  • 1 Cluster Credit
  • Slack and Email Support
  • $80 / Cluster / Month

kPow Team

$5,400Paid Annually
  • 6 Cluster Credits
  • Slack and Email Support
  • $75 / Cluster / Month

kPow Corporate

$10,080Paid Annually
  • 12 Cluster Credits
  • Slack and Email Support
  • $70.00 / Cluster / Month

kPow Bespoke

QuotePaid Annually
  • Any Cluster Combination
  • Slack and Email Support
  • Pay per Cluster Credit

kPow Enterprise

$18,720Annual price for 24 Clusters
  • 24+ Cluster Credits
  • Premium Support Available
  • Volume Discounts

kPow is also available on the AWS Marketplace, starting at US $0.16 per Cluster / Hour.

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