The latest news about Kpow from the Factor House team

Operatr.IO has a new name: Meet Factor House

Friday, September 16th 2022 by Kylie Troy-West

This news has been many months in the making. Today Derek, Tom, and I are proud to share our new look and name with the world. Factor House has arrived.

Release 89.4: Connect Inspect RBAC Permission

Friday, August 26th 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v98.4 introduces a new CONNECT_INSPECT RBAC permission and fixes a number of minor UI bugs.

Release 89.3: Optional Log Cleaner Check Disable

Thursday, August 11th 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v89.3 introduces the ability to disable the log.cleaner.enable=true broker configuration check that Kpow requires for default installations.

Release 89.2: Data Inspect and SAML Auth Improvements

Monday, August 8th 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v89.2 resolves minor issues with XML messages in Data Inspect and relay state when re-authenticating SAML sessions.

Release 89.1: Search Speed and Managed Connect

Tuesday, August 2nd 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v89.1 is a major feature release that includes up to 20x improvement to Data Inspect speed, support for Confluent Managed Connect, support for Confluent Managed Connect, and support for MSK Serverless.

Release 88.7: Kafka Idempotent Producer Bug

Thursday, June 2nd 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v88.7 resolves a minor issue introduced in Kafka 3.2.0

Apache Kafka 3.2.0: Idempotent Producer Breaking Change

Thursday, June 2nd 2022 by Derek Troy-West

Apache Kafka KIP-679 changes the behaviour of default Producer configuration to enable idempotence by default. This change can cause message production to fail after updating to the 3.2.0 kafka-client libraries.

Release 88.6: AWS Glue Protobuf Support

Friday, May 27th 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v88.6 brings Protobuf support for AWS Glue, easy configuration of JSON application logs, improved orphan schema detection, a JDK17 docker image, and improves integration with both Confluent Cloud and Confluent Schema Registry.

Amazon Corretto 11 Memory Issues

Monday, May 16th 2022 by Derek Troy-West

A recent move to v2 cgroups by a number of Linux distributions (including Amazon Linux 2022 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9) highlights an issue in Amazon Corretto 11 where the JVM process can cause a Docker container to exit with OOMKilled errors.

Release 88.5: Confluent Cloud Metrics API

Tuesday, May 10th 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v88.5 brings improved integration with the Confluent Cloud Metrics API for large cloud clusters, and a number of minor improvements and bug fixes.