Release 92.1: Time Since URP

Friday, September 15th 2023 by Factor House

Release Info

Kpow can be found on Dockerhub

docker pull factorhouse/kpow-ee:92.1

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Kpow v92.1 is the 112th release of Kpow and is the first of the v92 major version.

This release closes a large number of support tickets, introduces new features, and changes the default observation behaviour of Kafka Connect and Schema Registry to be more efficient. Consider this release a spring-clean that lays the groundwork for some exciting product news, more to follow shortly.

Default Observation Change

In Kpow v91.1 we introduced a new obervation method for Schema Registry, similarly in Kpow v91.4 we introduced a new obervation method for Kafka Connect.

These new observation methods reduce the number of network calls that Kpow makes to snapshot Schema and Connect resources. In this release we make the new observation methods the default behaviour of Kpow. If required you can revert to the previous behaviour, check the Schema and Connect docs for details.

Time Since URP

Kpow already shows you the details of any Under Replicated Partitions (URP), in this release we add new information to the table of URP data - the time elapsed since the URP was first detected. This elapsed time is useful context when determining the cause and criticality of Under Replciated Partitions.

Multi Topic Create

Kpow v92.1 introduces new UX that allows for the creation of multiple topics at the same time, directly from the Create Topic UI.

Changelog v92.1

  • Change default to observation_version=2 for Schema and Connect resources
  • Introduce "time since URP" metric to under replicated partitions table
  • Improve topic create UX, allow multiple topics to be created at once
  • Improve Prometheus egress performance by up to 300%
  • Improve Kafka documentation/help for topic+broker configuration
  • Improve truncate/delete UX by separating action items
  • Improve authorization UX by better differentiaton between Kpow RBAC and Kafka errors.
  • Improve staged mutations modals, show ID in confirmation modal
  • Improve consumer offset management, introduce tabular actions
  • Improve audit log detail for kREPL queries
  • Improve default serdes and schema registry detection UX
  • Improve topic configuration support with custom fields
  • Improve charts: better denominations in chart details, KB MB, etc.
  • Improve topic UX with topic identifiers shown in topic tables
  • Fix stale offset consumer lag calculation bug
  • Fix data produce "show schema" bug
  • Fix top-level wildcards not showing bug
  • Fix relative-url assets (css, images) page rengering bug
  • Fix WARN on missing cluster context bug

See the full Kpow Changelog.

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docker pull factorhouse/kpow-ee:92.1

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