Release 89.4: Connect Inspect RBAC Permission

Friday, August 26th 2022 by Factor House

Release Info

Kpow can be found on Dockerhub

docker pull operatr/kpow:89.4

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Kpow v98.4 introduces a new CONNECT_INSPECT RBAC permission and fixes a number of minor UI bugs.

See the full Kpow Changelog:


A new 'View Config' action allows users to view connector configuration without entering the full connector edit UI.

This action is guarded by a new RBAC permission, CONNECT_INSPECT.

Provide users this permission and deny CONNECT_EDIT to allow users to view connector configuration without allowing them to edit connectors.

Users who have CONNECT_EDIT are considered to automatically also have CONNECT_INSPECT (editing a connector means you can see its configuration).

Set ALLOW_CONNECT_INSPECT to apply this new permission when using global access controls, or add CONNECT_INSPECT to your existing RBAC configuration as you would any other permission.

Changelog v89.4

  • Improve connect RBAC with CONNECT_INSPECT permission
  • Improve connect error messaging
  • Fix schema subject delete bug
  • Fix staged mutations table bug

Get this release on Dockerhub, on the AWS Marketplace, on ArtifactHub (Helm Charts), or Download as a JAR File.

Pull the latest Kpow Docker Container

docker pull operatr/kpow:89.4

Download the latest Kpow Java JAR

Download the Kpow Java 8 JAR (uses Jetty 9, we recommend updating to Java 11+ and using our standard JAR)