Release 89.1: Search Speed and Managed Connect

Tuesday, August 2nd 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v89.1 is a major feature release that includes up to 20x improvement in Data Inspect speed, support for Confluent Managed Connect, support for MSK Managed Connect, and support for MSK Serverless. This release also includes several minor UI/UX bug fixes and optional basic authentication for Prometheus egress.

See the full Kpow Changelog:

Data Inspect Performance

Improving the speed of Kpow's Data Inspection function was a priority for our team through this release. We incorporated feedback from customers and built a test corpus spanning multiple message types, sizes, and compression formats. We will provide a deep dive blog post on these improvements, but the long and short of it is that you can expect a search speed-up of between 3x to 20x depending on those topic factors.

Managed Connect

Kpow's Kafka Connect functionality is extended to support both Confluent Managed Connect, and MSK Managed Connect.

MSK Serverless

Kpow supports integration with MSK Serverless, see our documentation for configuration and limitations.

Prometheus Basic Authentication

Kpow provides optional Basic Authentication for Prometheus endpoints, see our documentation for configuration.

Changelog v89.1

  • Support Confluent Managed Connect
  • Support MSK Managed Connect
  • Support MSK Serverless
  • Improve Data Inspect speed (3x to 20x depending on message factors)
  • Improve Data Inspect UX (deserialization error reporting)
  • Improve Data Inspect UX (react-select text-input modals, etc)
  • Improve Resource UX with consistent ordering of resources
  • Upgrade Base Corretto Image to 11.0.16 (no known memory issues)
  • Numerous minor bugfixes

Get this release on Dockerhub, on the AWS Marketplace, on the Red Hat Marketplace, on ArtifactHub (Helm Charts), or Download as a JAR File.
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Pull the latest Kpow Docker Container

docker pull operatr/kpow:89.1

Download the latest Kpow Java JAR

Download the Kpow Java 8 JAR (uses Jetty 9, we recommend updating to Java 11+ and using our standard JAR)


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