Release 88.5: Confluent Cloud Metrics API

Tuesday, May 10th 2022 by Factor House

Kpow v88.5 brings improved integration with the Confluent Cloud Metrics API for large cloud clusters, and a number of minor improvements and bug fixes.

See the full Kpow Changelog:

Confluent Cloud Metrics API

Kpow provides an optional Confluent Cloud Metrics API Integration.

When enabled Kpow will show full disk usage metrics in both graphs and tables just like a standard Kafka cluster.

Recent feedback identified improvements to this API integration in the case of large Kafka clusters (+1000 topics). These improvements are implemented in Kpow v88.5 and require no further configuration, just update and restart.

Changelog v88.5

  • Improve Confluent Cloud Metrics API integration
  • Improve Kafka Connect error messages
  • Improve broker graphs sorting function
  • Improve data produce UI/UX
  • Fix regression with Confluent Avro logical types
  • Fix default serdes configuration regression

Get this release on Dockerhub, on the AWS Marketplace, on the Red Hat Marketplace, on ArtifactHub (Helm Charts), or Download as a JAR File.
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Pull the latest Kpow Docker Container

docker pull operatr/kpow:88.5

Download the latest Kpow Java JAR

Download the Kpow Java 8 JAR (uses Jetty 9, we recommend updating to Java 11+ and using our standard JAR)

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