Release 85: Data Masking Improvements

kPow v85 features improved Data Masking support and a new ConsumerOffsets serdes in Data Inspect.

Data Masking Granularity

kPow allows you to mark PII or sensitive data in Data Inspect results, now you can specify Data Policies with finer granularity – to a key, value, or headers level.

E.g. this Data Policy applies ShowLast4 redaction to every topic, masking credit-card fields in the value of any message but leaving headers and keys unredacted.

  - name: Credit Card
    category: PII
      - [ 'cluster', '*', 'topic', '*', 'value' ]
    redaction: ShowLast4
    type: non-scalar
    fields: [ credit_card, creditcard, pan ]

Full Changelog

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