Release 83: Bulk Import, Multi-Produce, kJQ Search

kPow v83 features bulk message import, multi-message produce, improved kJQ filters, Github Teams RBAC integration, MSK IAM authentication, and more.

Multi-Produce: Import and produce multiple messages at once.

Data Inspect: Simplified UI and more powerful kJQ search implementation.

Github Teams: Github Oath SSO now supports Github Teams as RBAC roles.

Audit Log: Data Inspect queries are recorded in the Audit Log.

AWS IAM: Support IAM Kafka cluster authentication.

SAML: Option to extract roles from LDAP-encoded attributes.


See: Data Produce Documentation.

kPow now supports producing multiple messages at once.

Import messages in bulk in JSON, EDN, or CSV format.

Move individual messages from Data Inspect to Data Produce.

Send all results from a Data Inspect query to Data Produce.

Edit messages in place before production or create entirely new messages.


Data Inspect

See: Data Inspect and kJQ Filter documentation.

A simplified form now supports memory of previously selected serdes, multiple result-sets at once and the option to switch to classic mode

Upgraded kJQ filters support multiple predicates joined by logical operators and optional parenthesis for explicit precedence. Context-highlighting, auto-completion, a filter memory (press the arrow-up key to see previous filters) and quick query execution (hit shift-enter from within the kJQ entry field).

Data Inspect with kJQ

Audit Log

Data Inspect queries are now recoded in the kPow Audit Log.

This gives kPow admins fine grained visibility of user data access.

Data Inspect in the Audit Log

Github Teams

kPow supports Github Teams as user-roles in RBAC policies, see: Github SSO documentation.


kPow supports IAM Access Control for AWS MSK., see kPow MSK IAM Documentation.

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docker pull operatr/kpow:83

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Download the kPow Java 8 JAR (uses Jetty 9, we recommend updating to Java 11+ and using our standard JAR)