Release 81: Multi-Tenancy, Streaming Search, and Confluent Metrics

kPow v81 is a major release containing:

Multi-Tenancy: Restrict visibility of Kafka resources by user role.

Streaming Search: Search an entire topic in one click.

Confluent Metrics: See disk and active connection metrics.

Details below.


See the full Multi-Tenancy Guide.

Restrict the set of Kafka resources that are accessible to a user role from all the resources available to kPow. A user role may be assigned multiple tenants.

When operating within a tenant a user can only see resources included by that tenant, they will also see a fully consistent synthetic cluster-view of their aggregated resources.

The overall user experience is simply of a restricted set of Kafka resources as if they were truly the only resources in the system.

Streaming Search

See the Streaming Search Guide.

kPow Streaming Search allows you to automatically continue queries until:‌

  • The number of results returned matches ‘Result Limit’ (default 100)
  • The number of scanned records exceeds ‘Scan Boundary’
  • The query reaches the end of the topic

In function Streaming Search is precisely the same as Data Inspect, in our benchmarking tests we were able to search 1M+ messages from multiple topics in under a minute.

Confluent Metrics

kPow now offers Confluent Cloud metrics integration, allowing you to visualise disk usage metrics and active client connections.

Full Changelog

  • Multi-Tenancy Function
  • Streaming Search Function
  • 5x Search Throughput Improvement
  • Confluent Cloud Metrics
  • Reverted the / -> /ui new session redirect
  • Streams Agent – support streams with config
  • Kafka Connect – support ConfigProvider, dynamic fields and creating/editing debezium connectors
  • OpenID/Okta – support OKTA_DOMAIN configuration

Get this release on Dockerhub or download as a JAR file.

docker pull operatr/kpow:81

Java 8 JAR

kPow uses the latest available version of Jetty10 which requires Java 11+

If you must run kPow with Java 8+ you can use this JAR instead, it uses Jetty9. You should update to Java 11+ and prefer the main JAR where possible.