Release 78: Multi-Topic Search and UI Refresh

kPow v78 provides a major overhaul of our user interface and the brand new ability to search multiple topics at the same time in Data Inspect.

Multi-Topic Search

Klang in the kREPL already provides the ability to search multiple topics in a single query (and then play with that data in the kREPL), but that interface is programmatic and quite formidable – so we’re introduced the ability to perform multi-topic search in our simplified Data Inspect UI.

This means you can now query multiple topics and filter the results with kQL all in a single query. See the release video for a demo.

User Interface Update

This release includes a major backlog item to simplify overall user experience when using kPow. That means changes to our navigation; removing the sub-menu options and placing them in a horizontal tab menu within the page; breaking long pages into shorter ones; and simplifying forms like Data Inspect.

The functionality of kPow remains the same, we just do more with less. This effort is in anticipation of two future releases that will add many new features to kPow.


Our next feature release will provide the ability for admin users to restrict visibility of Kafka resources by user-role. In effect you will be able to completely reduce your users experience of Kafka right down to only the topics, groups, and clusters that interest them.

Multi-Tenancy introduces a new kPow-Admin role – users who have the ability to view all resources, simulate tenancies, escalate privileges, and so on.

Time Machine

The feature release following Multi-Tenancy provides the ability to navigate the kPow UI to any point in time that is captured in your internal kPow logs.

Get this release on Dockerhub or download as a JAR file.

docker pull operatr/kpow:78