Release 70: Azure and Confluent Support, Transparent CI/CD.

Version 70 of kPow includes support for Azure Event Hubs, enables multi-tenant Confluent Cloud, extends Klang with the new within function, and open-sources our continuous delivery pipeline for complete transparency around how kPow artefacts are built.

Azure Event Hubs

kPow can connect to your Azure Event Hubs namespace(s) if you have enabled Kafka Surface. See our Azure Event Hubs guide for more.

Confluent Cloud Multi-Tenancy

kPow now supports connection to multiple Confluent Cloud ‘Clusters’ where clusters share the same bootstrap URL. See our Confluent Cloud guide for more.

Klang / Within

Klang now includes a new function in the JQ syntax to check membership of a set called within:

consume __oprtr_snapshot_state
 {:serdes "transit-json"
  :window [p1d @ (now - p1d)]
  :limit 500
  :filter #>(.:value:job/id | within("a0c8f0c0-79a1-447d-9cbc-dcc9fed120c6" 

Transparent Continuous Delivery

Our continuous delivery configuration is now open source, if you are interested in how kPow artefacts are built and deployed all the details are in the kpow-docker repository. Similarly our Dockerhub profile has been updated with an in-depth summary and quick-links to current tags.

Release #70 is available on Dockerhub and to download as a JAR file.

docker pull operatr/kpow:70