kPow for Apache Kafka®

The Apache Kafka® tool transforming the way Engineers manage and monitor Kafka.

kPow Topic Explore Screen


kPow by Operatr.IO is a web-based Kafka management and monitoring console for engineers who build, monitor, manage and maintain systems powered by Apache Kafka. The toolkit features a rich data-oriented Kafka UI and specialized dashboards that deliver instant, in-depth visibility into Kafka clusters.

kPow’s unique suite of Kafka tools allows engineers developers to quickly and easily understand core Kafka concepts and gotchas. Use kPow to upskill new team members and grow internal Kafka expertise. Plus get to the heart of your data quickly, save developer hours, increase team productivity.

Keep it Simple

A single Docker Container or JAR file that runs with 1GB memory and 0.25 CPU for a small cluster. Manage multiple clusters with one install.

Compatible with Kafka

kPow is compatible with Apache Kafka +1.0, Amazon MSK, Instaclustr, Aiven, Red Hat AMQ Streams, Vectorized, Azure Event Hubs and Confluent.

No Need for JMX Metrics

kPow calculates its own Kafka metrics, without the need to expose the JMX, so you get unique insights without compromising security.

A Tool not a Platform

kPow is a transparently priced, enterprise-ready Kafka tool. Install in minutes and get instant insights into your data.

Install in Minutes

Use our CloudFormation templates to launch in ECS, our guide to deploying in EKS, or deploy as a Fargate task.

A Self-Contained Solution

The toolkit is built entirely from Kafka with no other dependencies, and all data stays within your network.


kPow is a single Docker container that connects to your cluster like any Kafka Consumer or Producer. You can configure and deploy the toolkit in the same way as your other Kafka services, and no JMX or Zookeeper access is required.

The toolkit is built entirely from Kafka with no other dependencies, and all data stays within your network. Within minutes of installation your team will be able to leverage their existing knowledge to rapidly resolve Kafka queries.

kPow is compatible with Apache Kafka 1.0+, Amazon MSK, Instaclustr, Aiven, Red Hat AMQ Streams, Confluent Platform, and Confluent Cloud*.

“It’s awesome! kPow is very intuiative and user friendly. All our developers like using it”

– Krishnakumar Arjunan, Solution Architect, Pickles


Once installed, kPow gathers information about your Kafka resources every minute, stores the results locally in internal topics, then provides custom telemetry and insights to you in a rich data-oriented UI.

Giving you instant visibility of your brokers, topics, groups, partitions, offsets, and more.

kPow offers full support for controlling and monitoring Kafka Connect clusters and Schema Registries.

“Easy to use and fast – 600,000 records filtered in a few seconds… We got to the bottom of something in a few hours that could have dragged on for _days_”

– Alex Hilton, FX Engineering Lead, Airwallex


Search tens of thousands of messages a second with kPow’s unique, custom implementation of JQ-like queries for Kafka topics.

kQL works with JSON or JSON-like data including Apache Avro®, Transit, EDN, and even Protobuf messages where you have configured custom serdes to output JSON formatted text.

“kPow has improved how we communicate Kafka to the rest of the IT team and the rest of the business”

– Douglas Reith, Team Lead, Pepperstone


The kPow Compute Console provides access to your consumer and Kafka Streams topologies allowing visualization of message throughput and lag at point of consumption and the ability to reset consumption at a group, host, member, topic, or assignment level.

kPow is built for the Enterprise

User Authentication via DB, File, LDAP, SAML, or OpenID configuration

Email, Video and Slack Support as standard

Suitable for air-gapped environments due to all data being stored in local topics

Data Policies for masking and redaction of sensitive data like Credit Card or PII

Slack Integration to have user actions sent to an operations channel as they happen

TTPS easily configured with your own certificates, or integrated with a reverse-proxy

Data Governance with all user actions captured in the kPow audit log

Live Mode for real-time monitoring

User Authorization with Simple or Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Multi-Dimensional Consumer Lag insights from kPow's custom derived telemetry

Multi-Cluster Monitoring from a single installation for cost efficiency and simplicity

Suitable for air-gapped environments due to all data being stored in local topics

Prometheus endpoints to integrate with your preferred metrics and alerting systems

No Requirement for JMX access