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kPow is the Apache Kafka® toolkit transforming the way engineers work with Amazon MSK and Apache Kafka®


Spin up kPow and instantly take control of your Kafka clusters.

kPow by Operatr.IO is a web-based Kafka management and monitoring console that provides instant, in-depth insights into your Kafka clusters. Launch in minutes via the AWS Marketplace, and for only US $0.16 hr/cluster, you can use kPow to save developer hours, increase team productivity, and rapidly resolve production queries.

The kPow toolkit empowers engineers to build cutting-edge applications by providing the capability to:

    • Search of tens of thousands of messages a second with kJQ
    • Gain x-ray vision of the brokers, topics, and groups that make up your cluster
    • Identify inactive topics, groups, and other areas of concern
    • Visualize data distribution through your cluster
    • Monitor lag in multiple dimensions.

Start your 30-day free trial today.

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“Easy to use and fast – 600,000 messages filtered in just a few seconds”

– Alex Hilton, FX Engineering Lead, Airwallex.

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What is kPow?

kPow is an enterprise ready toolkit for engineers who build, manage, and maintain systems that use Kafka.

It features a rich data-oriented Kafka UI, specialized dashboards that deliver instant, in-depth visibility into Kafka clusters, developer tools that allow engineers to get to the heart of their data quickly and the enterprise integrations and features you need to keep your systems secure.

Why is kPow the best Kafka tool on the AWS Marketplace?

Easy Provisioning. Total Flexibility.

AWS Marketplace subscriptions are billed by the hour and do not require you to purchase an annual license.

Built and tested in AWS

We build, test, and run kPow in AWS with MSK, deploying in EKS, ECS, and Fargate. Plus, you can easily configure kPow with your Schema Registry.

Compatible with Kafka

kPow is compatible with Apache Kafka +1.0, MSK, Instaclustr, Aiven, Red Hat AMQ Streams and Confluent.

A Tool not a Platform

kPow is a simple, smart tool for Kafka - a single Docker container that runs with as little as 1GB of memory and 0.25CPU.

No Need for JMX Metrics

kPow calculates its own Kafka metrics, without the need to expose the JMX, so you get unique insights without compromising security.

Install in Minutes

Use our CloudFormation templates to launch in ECS, our guide to deploying in EKS, or deploy as a Fargate task.

Ready to get started?

Sign-up for a 30-day free trial or evaluate for US $0.16 hr/cluster on the AWS Marketplace.

Install in minutes using our CloudFormation templates to launch in ECS or see the guide to deploying kPow to EKS in our Support Hub.

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